About Us


Our logo is a reflection of our commitment to the rapidly expanding ethanol and biofuel industries. These cleaner burning fuels are sourced primarily from agricultural products. We are active participants in the distribution of by-products generated by this industry.

Our Philosophy

Tradex believes in building and maintaining strong business relationships with all of our customers and suppliers.  We are known for our honest, professional, and forthright approach to business, resulting in our reputation as a trusted leader in the feed industry.

What We Do

Tradex is a distributor of bulk feed commodities to both feed manufacturers and end users in the livestock and pet food industries. We possess the skill and the sourcing network to offer viable economic choices to North American producers.

We transform by-product generated by our suppliers’ operations into a very profitable revenue stream.  As a result, regardless of market conditions, there is a consistent market for our suppliers’ products at the contracted price.  As well, we are able to offer our customers more economical solutions to the biggest variable cost in their operations – feed — via newly discovered feed alternatives.

Tradex has a proven ability to adapt to a dynamic world feed market.  The abolition of trade barriers has dramatically expanded the feed options available to livestock producers.   Tradex will show you the economic and nutritional benefits of using alternative feeds so that you have the knowledge to make the decisions that are best for your operation.

Shipping Options

We, together with the shipping companies we use to deliver our product, take great care in timely product delivery and the availability of shipping options that meet your needs. As a result:

  • We will arrange shipments to your farm according to your schedule.
  • We can ship a variety of feed commodities to our customers in shipments as small as 30 metric tonnes.
  • Deferred shipment at contract pricing is also available so as to ensure that the producer has the ability to fix feed costs as much as a year in advance.